Madness 1994

A serial killer murders baby sitters and plugs their eyes out. The killings resemble crimes from the latest issue of a successful comic book series called "Doctor Dark" about a schizophrenic who is a renowned professor by day and a maniac killer at night. The artist of the comic series is a young woman, and obviously the killer tries to make her suffer for his crimes: she starts finding the plugged out eyes of the victims at her home. After half an hour of the film, it seems that the maniac is caught. But it doesn't take much time to find out that the man apprehended is not the real killer.

Reefer Madness 1936

High-school principal Dr. Alfred Carroll (Josef Forte) relates to an audience of parents that marijuana can have devastating effects on teens. In his story, a drug supplier entices several restless teens, including sister and brother Mary (Dorothy Short) and Jimmy Lane (Warren McCollum) and Mary's boyfriend, Bill (Kenneth Craig), into frequenting a "reefer" house. Gradually, Bill and Jimmy are drawn into smoking dope, which affects their family lives and leads to a terrible crime.

Madness 1971

A group of young adults go to a remote villa to do drugs and party, little realizing a woman-hating serial killer who's just escaped from an asylum is hiding out there.

In the Mouth of Madness 1994

With the disappearance of hack horror writer Sutter Cane, all Hell is breaking loose...literally! Author Cane, it seems, has a knack for description that really brings his evil creepy-crawlies to life. Insurance investigator John Trent is sent to investigate Cane's mysterious vanishing act and ends up in the sleepy little East Coast town of Hobb's End.

American Madness 1932

American Madness is a film from director Frank Capra from 1932. Set during the depression the film depicts a bank trustee involved in a robbery scandal.

Shear Madness 2017

Two basic white girls, Talia and Polly, get glammed up for a night on the town. That is until these Millennial’s night turns into #ShearMadness!

Madness 2006

Tormented by his parents, Alex finally snaps and embarks on a wild murder spree in attempt to be rid of his family - and any others who just so happen to be around.

Madness 2010

Friends Jenna and Tarra are on their way to a cheerleading contest when they decide to stop at a gas station to help two guys, Oliver and Chad, who are experiencing some engine problems. What they don't know is that they are being watched by a group of deranged madman whose only intention is to hunt them down and kill them for pleasure. After being captured and locked up, survival is the only thing on the friends' minds, but just how far are they willing to go?

Silent Madness 1984

A homicidal maniac is accidentally released from a hospital because of a computer error and heads to the site (a sorority) of his past murders to continue his penchant for mayhem.

Midnight Madness 1980

A genius grad student organizes an all-night treasure hunt in which five rival teams composed of colorful oddballs furiously match wits with one another while trying to locate and decipher various cryptic clues planted ingeniously around Los Angeles.

Madness 1980

An escaped convicted murderer invades the cottage of a man, his wife and the wife's sister, whereupon he proceeds to torment this already dysfunctional trio with rape and violence.

Scooby-Doo! Moon Monster Madness 2015

It's one giant step for dog-kind as Scooby-Doo and the Gang blast off for an epic, other-worldly adventure in this all-new original movie! After winning the last 5 seats in a lottery, Scooby-Doo, Shaggy, Fred, Daphne and Velma are off to space in billionaire Sly Baron's brand new ship, the Sly Star One. It's all gravity-free fun until a mysterious alien begins destroying the ship! As the ship breaks down, the crew is forced to land on Sly Baron's base... on the dark side of the moon! Will the gang unravel this alien mystery? Will Scooby-Doo and Shaggy find snacks on the moon? Will Fred ever take his space helmet off?! Journey to the outer limits with Scooby-Doo to find out!

Tales That Witness Madness 1973

Dr Tremayne is an enigmatic Psychiatrist running an asylum housing four very special cases. Visited by colleague Nicholas, Tremayne explains his amazing and controversial theories as to why each of the four patients went mad...cue four distinct tales each with a different set of characters.

Backwood Madness 2017

The war amongst men had an influence on the beings of the forest. Now the beings demand revenge. Balance between men and the forest has been broken.

Spring Madness 1938

A young college man and his best friend both vie for the affections of the same woman while on their Spring Break vacation.

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